Supporting diverse and challenging industry sectors


STW (Non-Destructive) Ltd has a long and successful history of working in diverse and often challenging industry sectors, with businesses ranging from blue chip companies and government backed organisations to small and medium sized enterprises.

The broad range of experience and expertise held by our technicians allows us to provide a quality service to sectors including:

  • Marine – ships and submarines
  • Defence
  • Power generation – conventional and nuclear
  • Aerospace – civil and military
  • Oil, Gas and petrochemical
  • Transport – automotive and motorsport
  • General engineering/fabrication

The diversity and flexibility of our operation means that we can provide a fast and efficient service, responding to the ever-changing needs of industry and customers wherever they may be.

We specialise in inspection and evaluation techniques that can be adapted to the majority of situations across all the industries that we serve. We typically deliver:

  • Ultrasonic testing: Manual contact method - on welds, forgings, wrought product  (such as – bar, plate and billet) and complex shapes, castings and rotating parts.
  • Dye penetrant inspection: Colour contrast and fluorescent - on welds, castings and forgings.
  • Magnetic particle inspection: Colour contrast and fluorescent - on welds, castings and forgings
  • Positive material identification: Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) techniques for materials analysis on welds, castings and forgings in raw material state through to finish machined product.
  • Visual Inspection: Direct & Indirect on welds, castings & forgings.

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