Delivering a wide range of in-house & on-site inspection services

Detailed list of Services

STW (Non-Destructive) Ltd offer a full range of Non-Destructive testing services from our base in Sheffield. These tests are often also referred to as NDT, NDE, or flaw detection.


The most common testing methods we use are:


  • Ultrasonic Testing (Also commonly known as Ultrasound testing, UT, or Sonic)


  • Magnetic Particle Testing (Also commonly known as MPI, Fluorescent MPI, Magnaflux testing or Crack Detection)


  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (Also commonly known as LPI, Dye Pen, Penetrant Testing, DPI, or Surface flaw testing)


  • Positive Material Identification (Also commonly known as PMI, Spark test, XRF testing, or Portable analysis)


  • Certified Visual Inspection



We also operate a vehicle fleet enabling (where practical) on-site testing of your components.


STW (Non-Destructive) Ltd is also proud to be on the list of Rolls Royce approved NDT suppliers.


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